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OROBICHE Reflex indicators display the fluid level through a transparent surface being part of a column that is connected to the vessel by on-off cock gauges. The measuring part is composed of one or more elements from prismatic borosilicate glass (crystal) which trigger the reflection or non-reflection of the environmental light depending on whether the inner surface comes or does not come into contact with the fluid or with the gas (vapour). The crystal is tightened to the inside of a steel box by means of bolts.

Its sturdy construction and its good visibility, without using dedicated illuminators, make it ideal for use in heavy-duty applications with pressure up to 400 bars and temperature of the media from -196 °C up to +427 °C. APPLICATIONS AND TECHNICAL DATA Tube level indicators are used in various industrial processes, especially in the chemical, petrochemical, power production, metal and steel, water treatment, food, paper industries and the like. They are typically preferred to transparency indicators in application on clear and non-corrosive fluids. Versions with body and wetted parts in galvanized Carbon Steel are available, whereas AISI 316, ASTM LF2, Hastelloy and other materials are available upon request.


  • Safety ball check in AISI 316 (in the event of the crystal getting broken, it avoids fluid losses)
  • Graduated scale
  • Uninterrupted visibility
  • Drain and vent valves
  • Top / Bottom connections
  • No-Frost device
  • Electric or steam tracer
  • Aluminosilicate glasses
  • Screws and cock levers in AISI 316, for off-shore use
  • Datasheet
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For more than 60 years Officine Orobiche S.p.A. has offered its clients in Italy and throughout the world guaranteed reliability and functionality whatever the requirements of the system – even the most complex, high-performance and difficult situations.

Its impressive and wide range of electromechanical instruments has countless applications for various processing industries and, in particular, for chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, paper, food, pharmaceutical, power generation, water treatment, textile, mining, glassworks, extraction, iron and steel, and galvanizing industries.

The company was founded by Mario Salvi in 1950.

Officine Orobiche S.p.A. is fully committed to implementing in all its activities, products and processes international standards concerning quality, health, safety environmental and social responsibility, such as UNI EN ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001.

The strengths of Officine Orobiche S.p.A. are:

– A highly skilled and loyal staff
– The most important certifications according to international standards
– Flexibility in job-by-job production planning
– The remarkable range of products that Officine Orobiche S.p.A. has developed and industrialized
– A European patent for a flowmeter for large water flows
– A versatile range of products that can be applied in a wide range of fields
– Inclusion in the vendor lists of the most important engineering and production companies
– Premier customer service assistance during pre-sale and post-sale phases

Officine Orobiche S.p.A.is an example of Italian industry that happily exports throughout the world its ‘Made in Italy’ brand with pride, professionalism and, above all, honesty.

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