600T EN Series Pressure Transmitters

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  • Base accuracy: ± 0.15%
  • Reliable inductive sensing system coupled with the very latest digital technologies
  • ensures high performance at all process conditions
  • Wide selection of materials and choice of fill fluids including “process-inert”
  • meet virtually all process requirements also protecting application integrity
  • HART 4-20 mA, Profibus PA, FF versions with plug-and-play electronics replacement
  • provides interchangeability for upgrading transmitter
  • Local snap calibration and full management via hand terminal or PC-running software
  • HART®, Profibus PA, FF communications
  • allows integration with standard process bus
  • CoMeter display option
  • offers HART Configuration capabilities combined with local indication
  • Ecoefficient life cycle
  • ensures low environmental impact in compliance with LCA assessment to ISO 14040 standard
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Product Family

600T EN Series

Available Models

Model 614EG Gauge

LCD status

both Available

Measurement system

Pressure Transmitter

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